A year ago, TENNESSEE TUXEDO were known only to patrons of New Jersey’s Clam Broth House. Today there isn’t a Hobokenite who doesn’t know their addresses, and their fame has spread quickly around the corner. Said one English-speaking visitor to America: "Only a hermit crab could be unaware of them TT’s, and he’d have to be beyond range of television, newspapers, radio, AOL and rioting lemur." Said another: "They’re the biggest, hottest property in the history of the mile-square city. I mean, ever since "ol’ Blue Eyes" split for that big crap game in the sky, that is."

The foursome write, play and sometimes even sing a powerhouse music filled with zest, uninhibited good hygiene and even a Kinks kover that make listening a sensation-filled joy. It isn’t maximum rhythm ‘n’ bluegrass. It’s not exactly alternative-neo- traditionally- insurgent- Americana-twangcore-rooty-rock. It’s their own special sound, or, as designated driver David puts it, "Our music is just- well, could you repeat the question?"

Whatever it is, TN. Tux’s rotund, roaring sound has simulated a reaction even their closet friends describe as, "um, interesting." Consider these manifestations:

-Outside New York’s legendary Sidewalk Cafe, four whole fans stood all night in pouring rain just to get inside so they could call a cab uptown.

-At the Liquid Lounge, the queue started 90 minutes before the opening surf song. Teenagers brought food, drink, blankets and box cutters, and two determined 16-year-olds spent four nights outside before they could find a parking space.

-At the Hoboken PATH Station, reporter "Gary" Pig Gold had his foot massaged repeatedly by frantic yuppies who’d seen it accidentally crushed beneath Edno’s gigantic big bass drum.

-Similar disturbing incidents have greeted Tennessee Tuxedo in such disparate places as Schnackenberg’s, the Guitar Bar, and even the old abandoned Foodtown on Clinton Street, and the acclaim recently bought them one of the highest of all entertainment honors: an appearance before Judge Judy, in an attempt to decide once and for all just which version of "Surrender" the band should henceforth perform (it seems they insist on playing Elvis’instead of Cheap Trick’s. Hmmm).

So you’ve read about them. Now hear the big beaten sound of that fantastic, phenomenal foursome: TENNESSEE TUXEDO!
( Gary Pig Gold )