Tennessee  Tuxedo

Hoboken * September 8 -

Happy Birthday to Patsy Cline! To celebrate, I'm not going to fly anywhere in a small plane today.

It's been a busy month for Tennessee Tuxedo. We've been adding new material and working hard on our stage show (Edno's up to juggling 8 bowling pins at once, and David is now almost entirely covered with tattoos, but Larry still refuses to jump through the flaming hoop. As for me, I'm just happy being the very best circus geek I can be.)

Speaking of our shows, Tennessee Tuxedo has one coming up at Hoboken's Liquid Lounge. We're playing Friday, September 11 at 10:00 PM, so come on down, listen to the music and enjoy the town's best and pinkest Cosmopolitans. We've got a couple of new songs, Larry's got a cool new guitar, and if you're very good Edno just might take out his accordion and play a little something.

I've been going to see a lot of Hoboken bands recently. Your Creepy Friends (not you personally, it's just the band's name) were at LoveSexy last week and were not only well dressed, but very loud. I headed uptown the next night to see Chris Gibson's new creation, Standbye, at the reborn and de-beer vatted Maxwell's. I also caught the Ghost Rockets at NYC's Rodeo Bar, which is more of a hike, but does offer free peanuts. All three were lots of fun, each in their own ways.

By the way, if you think I'm going to start pontificating now about the state of rock music in Hoboken and why it's a.) the beginning of a whole new era of music and fun or b.) just the dying gasps of a scene that hasn't been cool since the early 80's, forget about it. There's far too much pontification in the world as it is. All I know is, some bands are good, some bands are not so good, and a lot of them live in my town. So there.

But if you really want to support Hoboken music, or us anyway, come see us this Friday at the Liquid Lounge. And if you do, I promise I'll pontificate about anything you like. But I still don't think Larry's going to jump through the flaming hoop.