Tennessee Tuxedo

on Unsound Series Vol.2 Guitars!

Tennesee Tuxedo's "Man Of Simple Taste" is now available on M'Lou's UnsoundTM Series CD- Vol.2 - Guitars!

"The Unsound Series exists to make great home-recorded music available to the general public. Some amazing material is being created in kitchens and basements all over the world, and it is our goal to see to it that the best of it gets heard."

THE FOLLOWING COMMUNIQUE has just been received from our purest pop pal in deepest Yugoslavia: Goran Obradovic (of the "Popism" Radio Show)...
"Anyway, about the UNSOUND Vol.2, it's just GREAT!!!!! Some of the artists I already know through their bands/releases that I got from them or from someone else for my radio show but there are quite a few pleasent surprises...
..Tenessee Tuxedo is also GREAT!!! How come I never heard the Ghost Rockets' version? Where was it released?"

VISIT the Unsound Volume 2: Guitars! webpage. Scroll down and click on Tennessee Tuxedo.